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your cardio training guide

mioPOD is a wearable device that provides real-time accurate heart-rate information. It alerts and guides you towards the right exercising intensity based on your personal training target.

Accurate heart rate monitoring

Get reliable heart rate monitoring and intensity training with mioPOD. Mio uses the latest most advanced Valencell optical sensors module. This ultra low-power technology provides more accurate signal processing of your heart beats.

A better heart rate monitor

Wrist-worn optical heart rate sensors often perform fine on flat roads or same-paced exercise, but they are often susceptible to inaccuracies during irregular intensity training such as: HIIT workouts, mountain biking, weight-training or body-weight exercises.

Wearing the mioPOD on your forearm or upper arm generates a cleaner signal with less noise since it is located closer to your core and more resilient to blood flow artifacts which allows for more accurate heart rate tracking.

mioPOD against the competition

  • Cardio Pilot™: Glanceable technology color zones alert you to real-time Heart Rate intensity, helping to keep you in your cardio zone, according to your personal training goals.

  • Haptic Alerts: Warn you if the signal is on, battery is low or you simply traversed into a new cardio training zone

  • Designed by MIO: The pioneer in performance optical HR signal, we have partnered with Firstbeat analytics to deliver Training effect / Training load / Recovery time metrics

mioPOD training insights

Stream accurate heart rate data to your watch, cycling, computer, or smartphone. After pairing mioPOD, analyze your completed workout for meaningful data and future guidance to achieve your training and fitness goals.