Creating a Hybrid Business Model with Digital Technology for the ‘New Normal’

Creating a Hybrid Business Model with Digital Technology for the ‘New Normal’

Two quick questions:

  1. Do your clients need all the amenities of the gym to be healthy and active? 
  2. Do you think you can help a client train at home?

If your immediate response is “yes”, you are not alone. Most owners and trainers are working with clients remotely using live events via Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and scheduling group classes to keep the tribe fitness goal in mind – during a time when we need it most.

What we’re seeing is that not all clients want to (or can) train during the scheduled workout times. 

The opportunity is that those clients that can’t train in live groups or one on one, can still train. 

There is a growing (and still mostly untapped) market of clients looking for fitness plans to stay fit, lose weight, or deal with stress. If you open your mind to digital coaching platforms that are creating workouts for any specific training plans (or affiliate programs that let you make a commission with no money spent on inventory) then you may find you have an easier time getting new and even keeping clients onboard when their goal is to learn how to stay active.

Think about ways your brand can provide value and stay top-of-mind to your client’s training goals:

  1. Reach clients who don’t have normal times to workout but have a smartphone and heart rate monitor
  2. Reach clients that can’t work out in brick-and-mortar gyms and will return slowly as the pandemic changes
  3. Reach clients who can no longer commit to the same level of membership because of changes in their work or family life and still need a fitness program
  4. Motivate clients who are still interested in “social competition”
  5. Connect with clients who want to learn and improve, achieve a fitness milestone, trend objective records and challenge themselves outside of the gym

All of these clients still crave the training motivation of setting goals, receiving guidance and encouragement, seeing physical and mental improvement, and most importantly have FUN. With the help of technology, we can still deliver these desires for our clients. Here are some examples of digital fitness business tools for owners and trainers.


An easy-to-use and intuitive in-club and at-home workout design tool with 700 video-based curated exercises to program, mioCOACH workouts deliver the best-connected coach to the client's experience. It’s an easy process for coaches to design a program for each client through a drag-and-drop platform.


A virtual training assistant that delivers curated workout and coach messages designed for the athlete at heart. The client and coach can review workout stats and workout history with an option to share on social media. The best experience for the client is by using a mioPOD and BT earbuds to track and provide biofeedback in a training session. 

Mio's coaching philosophy is centered around closing the ‘coaching feedback loop’ with actionable insights. Mio connects training heart rate data insights with a personalized training program to better inform the client what to do next.

Lastly, through the Mio Affiliate program, owners and trainers have the opportunity to gain additional revenue by recommending the mioPOD at a discount to their clients while collecting financial reward. We manage the inventory, in addition to, shipping this product directly to their clients from our US warehouse. 

Allow Mio to be your hassle-free digital fitness solution and let's work together by using our FREE a 60-day trial of the mioCOACH platform plus your client will get mioCUE for free trial.

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