Mio is going to FIBO USA!

Mio is going to FIBO USA!

Mio Labs Inc. has created performance wearables since 1999 to empower fitness-minded individuals. Our new adaptive training provides insights to optimize training and performance. This award-winning, patented technology reads EKG-accurate heart rate data at performance level speeds without the need for a chest strap. Mio has elected to introduce our new product line at FIBO USA, the leading international, fitness industry summit. 

A highly anticipated launch of the new mioPOD and app just arrived in September. Some key new features are:

  •  Cardio Pilot™: Glanceable technology color zones alert you to real-time Heart Rate intensity, helping to keep you in your cardio zone, according to your personal training goals.
  • Haptic Alerts: tells you if the signal is on, the battery is low, or you are changing the intensity into a new cardio training zone

Here is a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiKOJBZJsrM

Designed by MIO: The pioneer in performance optical HR signal, we have partnered with Firstbeat analytics to deliver training effect, training load, and recovery time metrics

Our team is hard at work to add to the Mio ecosystem by the end of the year, to add a fitness test and workout program creator. Mio's goal is to empower anyone to reach his or her goals with our innovative technology. Train with Heart! 

Stop by booth 131 for FIBO for a test run.