What Heart-Rate Training Means for At-Home Workouts

What Heart-Rate Training Means for At-Home Workouts

With gyms and our favorite outdoor locations closed, we’ve had to evolve to still get our sweat in. Perhaps our typical 8AM workout at our favorite cycling studio has evolved to a 10AM workout indoors on our bike trainer listening to a pre-recorded video from an elite coach. Or perhaps our afterwork lifting session has evolved to a quick lunchtime bodyweight workout in between Zoom meetings. Either way – we have just proved that we are strong and powerful, and nothing can get in the way of our journey to becoming healthier versions of ourselves. 

Now the question lies: are my at-home workouts as effective as they were before quarantine? The only way to truly understand the effectiveness of our workouts is to have a glimpse into what’s actually happening inside our bodies – and more specifically, our hearts. With the help of a heart-rate wearable, we can still have that accountability partner to guide us towards the right exercise intensity based on our personal training goals.

Because of how much heart-rate training has evolved over the past few years, we now have access to more insights than ever before. It’s not just about burning calories anymore; it’s about gauging more data so that we can truly see the physiological impact of our workouts.

So, what are some insights we can take a look at to gauge the effectiveness of our at-home workouts?

  • Training Load: a calculation of the accumulated impact of all heart-rate recorded training to better understand how much oxygen is being used; which in turn gives us insight into how long it will take for the body to return to a resting state
  • Recovery Status: a data-backed prediction on the amount of time required to be in a ready-state for our next challenging effort
  • Training Effect: a measurement to better understand the composition and physiological impact of each workout and how it contributes to the overall effectiveness of your training plan

Let’s make the most impact from our at-home workouts. And don’t forget – what we put in at home will only make us stronger outside.