Cardio Pilot TM

  • Glanceable color zone prompts alert you to real-time heart rate intensity, keeping you in your cardio zone according to your personal training goals.
  • Haptic Alerts warn you when there is a poor heart rate reading, if the battery is low, or you have crossed into a new cardio training zone.

Training Load

Reports how hard you’ve been working over the past 7 days, by calculating the accumulated impact of all heart rate recorded training.

Training Load is a representation of the physiological impact of your training accumulated over the past 7-days. Each workout is converted into EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) values which is the foundation for the Training Load estimation.

EPOC is the amount of oxygen used to replenish physiological resources following a workout- the harder the effort, the higher the EPOC, and the longer it takes for your body to return to a resting state.

Training Effect
(Aerobic & Anaerobic)

The Aerobic Training Effect score provides real-time feedback of the impact of your longer submaximal training on your aerobic fitness. It is a personalized score which takes into account your current aerobic fitness level and training history.

The Anaerobic Training Effect score measures the impact of your shorter, higher intensity, maximal training on your anaerobic performance capacity.

Training Effect is represented on a 0-5 scale ranging from 0 “No effect” to 5 “Overloading”. By monitoring both the Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect metrics, you will better understand the composition and physiological impact of each exercise session and how it contributes to the overall effectiveness of your training plan.

Recovery Time Advisor

Proper recovery is an essential component to an effective training program, the Recovery Time Advisor predicts the amount of time required to be in a ready-state for the next challenging effort. It estimates your recovery time following your last exercise bout and scales accordingly to your current VO2max and your Training History.

(coming soon)

Personalized Training Plans

Setting a training goal is the most effective way to progress your fitness. Personalized Training Plans can be automatically generated based on your current VO2max and Training History and are created for whether you prefer a program that is geared for maintaining or improving your aerobic fitness or a specific running event.

Your daily exercise prescription is presented as a personalized Training Effect score with a subsequent Recovery time window to ensure a safe and balanced plan is created, geared to maximize performance. You will receive real-time guidance to whether you are appropriately following the plan and workouts will always be up-to-date as the plan will automatically adapt to your training schedule and fitness level.